SCOC Forms

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SCOC M-187 (Facility Medical Director Report of Inmate Death)

  • As of March 31, 2015, all law enforcement agencies are required to report Inmate Mortalities in the Corrections/Facility Reporting module of the ejusticeNY Intergrated Justice Portal. See Chairman's Memorandum No. 2-2015 for further information concerning reporting requirements. If you are unable to access the ejusticeNY Intergrated Justice Portal please notify the Commission Reportable Incident Officer of the Day.

Quarterly Classification Report Form - Form

Quarterly Classification Report - Chairman's Memorandum N0. 03-2009

Notification of Inmate Transfer Note: This form is to be used to notify the Commission of an inmate(s) transfer from one facility to another after a Substitute Jail Order (SJO) has been authorized by the Commission of Correction. See Chairman's Memrandum No. 4-2015 for further information concerning obtaining an SJO.

Request for a variance (Variance Application Form)

Inmate Grievance Form (Word Document) , Inmate Grievance Form (PDF Document), and Grievance Investigation Form (Writeable - PDF Document)

Writeable ADM 330 PDF - PDF

ADM 330 Order Form / Link to OMH's Print Shop - Link

Law Library Checklist - PDF Document

Construction Plan Change Order Information: